All Certified Specialty Nurses…

  • validate their specialty knowledge through a rigorous examination beyond RN licensure
  • are clinical experts – dedicated to providing quality, evidenced-based care
  • are committed to life-long learning, patient advocacy, and professional practice
  • meet and exceed nationally recognized standards of proficiency
  • have a desire to improve the quality of patient care and delivery of services
  • are dedicated to protecting the public and assuring the best quality of care to patients and their caregivers
  • have a positive impact on patient care, patient safety and quality of life
  • participate in ongoing education programs, staying up-to-date on the most current techniques and products

Certified Nurses Make a Difference!

Read about the Impact of Certification and the benefits it provides.

Certified Nurses Make a Difference

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Acute Care Pediatric and Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
Source: American Board of Nursing Specialties

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